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SEP 2018

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Whether they're Baby Boomers in the early stages, or Seniors with more advanced cataracts, cloudy vision can seriously impact your patient's quality of life. These patients will be searching for help correcting the issue so they can enjoy all the benefi ts of clear vision for years to come. Patty Casebolt, OSC Member and Clinical Director, Medical Eye Center, shares tips to engage patients about cataracts and the premium options available to help them see every moment clearly. 1. Send a pre-consultation letter. For some patients, it can be overwhelming to learn they have cataracts, and that they need surgery to correct them. Casebolt recommends sending a letter before their consultation that details what to expect and explains the diff erence between a premium and standard lens. It's a simple step that can help patients be prepared to accept your best recommendation for cataract surgery while they're in your offi ce. "Giving them information before they come in has completely changed the process," Casebolt said. 2. Walk patients through every step. When a patient comes for their consultation, connect them with a dedicated counselor who guides them through the entire process. Counselors that specialize in premium lenses can educate patients about the benefi ts, costs and fi nancing options to help them move forward with cataract surgery. "Our counselors also educate patients on expectations after surgery, and it's hugely improved satisfaction," Casebolt said. 3. Focus on customer care training. Patients who choose premium lenses may have higher out-of-pocket costs – and higher expectations for customer service. Take time to train your team on what patients expect from cataract surgery, and how the entire practice can work together to meet those expectations. "Our program is designed around customer service culture in premium lens and eye care services… We've always had training, but we wanted it to be more comprehensive," Casebolt said. 4. Off er a convenient fi nancing option. For patients with cataracts who want a premium lens, cost can keep them from moving forward. With the CareCredit credit card, your patients have a convenient way to pay for the cataract surgery they need. "CareCredit is easy to use and has great promotional fi nancing options, especially longer payment options," Casebolt said. "We try to make it as aff ordable as we can." 5. Always keep learning and improving. From mystery shopping to patient feedback, there are many ways to identify areas for improvement. Use what you learn to help your team get better at converting patients to premium cataract surgery. "Our CareCredit Practice Development Manager regularly visits to train the entire staff on being comfortable talking about CareCredit," Casebolt said. "I think it's vital to use people who are familiar with the industry to give us feedback." To learn how to engage eff ectively with every age group, call the CareCredit Practice Development Team at 800-859-9975, option 1, then 6 to request Generational Insights Series Quick Guides. This insert was independently produced by CareCredit. Ophthalmology Business had no part in its production. The views expressed here do not necessarily refl ect those of the editor, editorial board, or the publisher, and in no way imply endorsement by Ophthalmology Business. This content is subject to change without notice and off ered for informational use only. You are urged to consult with your individual business, fi nancial, legal, tax and/or other advisors with respect to any information presented. Synchrony Financial and any of its affi liates, including CareCredit, (collectively, "Synchrony") makes no representations or warranties regarding this content and accept no liability for any loss or harm arising from the use of the information provided. Your receipt of this material constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions. *Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See carecredit.com for details. Engaging Boomers and Seniors about Cataracts PART 3 Third in the Generational Insights Series. OPBUS2018RA ADVERTORIAL

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