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DEC 2017

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TM From the publisher A ll physicians aspire to provide compassionate care of the highest quality, and one aspect of that is delivering bad news to a patient, whether that be a vision-threatening disease or a physician's error. In this issue of Ophthal- mology Business, we explore this topic in "Breaking bad news to patients." The article contains helpful tips for discussing negative outcomes, such as recalling from previous interactions how the patient might prefer to receive such news and focusing on positive attributes of the situation. It's a scenario that is becoming more and more common: In late 2016, Horizon Eye Care was attacked by ransomware, malicious software that blocks access to files until a ransom is paid. "As an administrator—and I know this is true for the doctors, too—you always think that this is not going to happen to us, we're doing all the right things. It was a big wake- up call for us," said Suzanne Bruno, administrator at Horizon Eye Care. Read "Cyber security: Protecting patient data" to learn how the practice handled the attack and how you can protect your practice from one. Also in this issue, we discuss the advancement of artificial intelligence in ophthalmology and what it means for clinicians. There is research in this area that focuses on retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), one of the most common causes of childhood blindness in the world. "We have de- veloped computer systems to analyze images and make a diagnosis of ROP, and we've shown that these computer systems perform comparably and often better than most experts for diagnosing this disease. The computer systems are objective and reproducible," said Michael Chiang, MD. In "Ro- bot doctors?" Dr. Chiang and Michael Abramoff, MD, share their research as well as important factors in the implementation of these systems. There is a rising trend in the "incidental medical traveler," one who is going to travel anyway and seeks light medical care, according to Josef Woodman, founder of Patients Beyond Borders, a publisher and purveyor of information about medical tourism. This medical care is usually min- imally invasive with predicable outcomes and short recovery periods. In "Medical tourism in ophthalmology," we explore the reasons why Amer- ican patients might engage in medical tourism, as well as why patients are coming to the U.S. for medical care. The article also contains helpful information for counseling patients on medical tourism, such as encour- aging patients to research the doctors' and clinic's credentials. As 2017 comes to a close, we would like to express our gratitude to the readers of Ophthalmology Business. We look forward to bringing you more helpful articles in 2018, so please contact us if there is a topic you would like to learn more about. Happy holidays! Donald Long, Publisher digital.OphthalmologyBusiness.org Vol. 8, No. 4 December 2017 • Ophthalmology Business 3 December 2017 Donald Long Publisher don@eyeworld.org Stacy Jablonski Editor stacy@eyeworld.org Julio Guerrero Graphic design julio@eyeworld.org Susan Steury Graphic design assistant susan@eyeworld.org Carly Peterson Production assistant carly@eyeworld.org Paul Zelin Sales paul@eyeworld.org Monica Frishman Sales monica@eyeworld.org ASCRS Publisher: Ophthalmology Business is published quarterly by ASCRS Ophthalmic Services Corp., 4000 Legato Road, Suite 700, Fairfax, VA 22033- 4055; telephone 703-591-2220; fax 703-273-2963. Printed in the U.S. Editorial Offices: Ophthalmology Business, 4000 Legato Road, Suite 700, Fairfax, VA 22033-4055; 703-591-2220; fax 703-273-2963; email: stacy@eyeworld.org Advertising Offices: ASCRSMedia, 4000 Legato Road, Suite 700, Fairfax, VA 22033-4055; toll-free 800-451-1339, 703-591-2220; fax 703-273-2963; email: cathy@eyeworld.org Copyright 2017, ASCRS Ophthalmic Services Corp., 4000 Legato Road, Suite 700, Fairfax, VA 22033- 4055. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Letters to the editor and other unsolicited material are assumed intended for publication and are subject to editorial review and acceptance.

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