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DEC 2012

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Dropping in by John DiConsiglio Contributing Writer The EyeDROPS app keeps meds on track and patients on course I t's among the most vexing dilemmas for eyecare professionals: how to help your patients remember to take their medications correctly. As many as half of all people suffering from serious eye conditions fail to use their drops properly—or forget to take them at all. So it's no wonder that ophthalmologists and optometrists are often confounded in their efforts to raise patient compliance rates. A new smartphone application hopes to ease that frustration by helping patients with chronic conditions like glaucoma efficiently manage their meds. The free EyeDROPS download from HarPas International reminds users to take their drops at scheduled times, guides them through proper dosing techniques, and even alerts them when their bottles are running low. "This is a huge problem," said Tom Harbin, M.D., glaucoma specialist, Eye Consultants of Atlanta, and co-developer of the EyeDROPS Compliance graph 6 Ophthalmology Business • December 2012 IOP graph app. "About 50% of people do not take their drops regularly or correctly. It's just amazing. These are intelligent people who know that the consequence of not taking glaucoma medication regularly is losing sight. But they just don't do it." The app's pull-down menu accesses a database that lists all available eye drops. Users select the right medication, and then enter the proper dosage and schedule. The app alerts them when it's time to take their drops. The program stores a record that the medication was taken correctly and automatically reminds

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